Dear Valuable Guest!

With due respects, we take this opportunity to announce our special cards detailed as below

  1. Loyalty card

  2. Membership card

  3. Gift card

Loyalty card

is a golden Card with special discount, the holder of this card can enjoy from various parts of services of hotel i.e.

Restaurant, Venues, and Rooms.


Membership Card:

is a silver card, with good discount the holder of this card can take advantage of many benefits when using services at Shahana Restaurant with other services the greatest benefits are available for you.

Gift Card

 Surprise your friends and family with our gift card and special discount, the holder of gift card can enjoy services at Shahana restaurant. Enjoy more with fewer prices.


  1. Lunch and Dinner (Buffet)

  2. Fresh Juice

  3. Shahana & Arabic (Hookah)

  4. Various types of Ice Cream & Sheryakh (Dew)

  5. Tea/coffee with various types

  6. Coffee

  7. Apply for different fast-food Menus

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