While steam baths use moist heat, saunas offer dry heat sessions. Steam rooms are kept at around 100 to 114 while saunas are much hotter – up to 100 °C (212 °F, the boiling point of water). Both these types of hot baths stimulate blood flow and promote healthy metabolism but some people find it difficult to breathe in the dry heat of a sauna. So people with respiratory problems like sinus congestion and asthma may prefer the moist heat of steam baths. Moist heat also benefits people with joint pain or other body pains.

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  • Saunas offer both wet and dry sections.
  • Walls Usually made of wood
  • Heat generation Saunas Usually have a stove located inside of generate heat
  • Temperature Typically between 70C-100C




  • Bath A steam room is generally designed for very wet and hot health treatment
  • Walls Usually made of glass
  • Heat generation Stam room have an external steam generator
  • Temperature Typically between 115C-120C